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Chakalaka is a celebration of the power of food to bring us together. Upload your Chakalaka experience and enthusiasm here.

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“This bean dish is versatile and can be used with a wide range of different foods. I used it on top of a hot dog. It’s similar to a chili so it was really good on the hot dog. It’s somewhat sweet tasting but then has a tiny kick. It’s the perfect “medium” spice.”

Chelsea, Amazon

“One of the best instant vegetarian bean dish I ever tasted”

Edward, Amazon

“I thought that since it came in a bag that it would taste over processed. I can say that it tasted authentic and it cooked very fast. They were true to packaging when they say that it tasted mild. They have medium spice and very spicy and my palate would not be able to tolerate it. The instructions are simple all you have to do is add water and it cooks down very nice. I paired it over rice. There are many options you can put it over eggs at breakfast or with grilled steak. I will definitely buy more.”

Tamara, Amazon

“I’m glad I found this product! This bean dish is amazing! It’s so easy to make and doesn’t take long at all! It has a medium hint of spice that’s just right! This dish is delicious and can really be paired with any main course. I highly recommend!”

Savage UGC, Amazon 2

“This was easy to make, didn’t take a long time and had a great flavor without being super spicy.”

Happy in NY, Amazon