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June 30, 2022

Dressing Up Premade Foods

Homemade foods are typically regarded as the tastiest grub out there, right? Not always! We all have our favorite packaged foods on hand in the pantry for ease and convenience, but they often taste manufactured or artificial. Did you know that using fresh ingredients, you can dress up premade foods into something healthy, scrumptious, and […]

June 28, 2022

Why Include Beans in Your Diet?

Beans are fantastic. They are filling, nutritious, versatile, affordable, and oh so delicious. As if we needed more reasons to love beans, there are quite a few benefits of including them in your diet. For health and happiness reasons, stock your pantry full of different types of beans for easy, quick, and filling meal options! […]

June 27, 2022

Welcome to Chakalaka Brands

Chakalaka is more than a savory, appetizing food. It is about friendship, being with loved ones, and the joy of being together. In kitchens around the world, people gather to cook, share stories, laugh, and be together. In fact, Chakalaka is the Zulu word for “all together,” which makes this dish more than delicious food […]