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Our mission is to awaken and enliven your senses,
through experiencing the vibrant flavors of the world and our cultures.

We celebrate fully living life. Mixed with happiness.

Chakalaka is a vibrant and spicy bean dish that is traditionally served at South African barbecues or braai. A heritage blend of beans, vegetables and hints of curry and peppers, Chakalaka makes it possible to taste the flavor of life fully. Chakalaka’s products enliven the palate and awaken the senses to bring us together through global cuisine. Prepare and share with your friends & family!

Vibrant Heritage Bean Dishes    |    Full of Protein and Nutrients    |    Global Experience


Ready in 20 minutes.

Makes a filling plant-based
entrée or a perfect side dish.

Enjoy together!
Chakalaka style!

Plant-Based | Nut Free | Dairy Free | Vegan | Vegetarian | Gluten-Free


Founder Leeto Tlou learned about chakalaka while visiting South Africa. At night the community would gather and enjoy grilled dinner, with a side of this vibrant bean dish. Not only were the flavors of chakalaka delectable, Leeto was also taken by the sense of togetherness in which it was enjoyed. He was struck with inspiration to mix worlds together by introducing this lively dish and the Chakalaka experience to you, your family and friends.

“Chakalaka is about coming together through shared meals and stories. We make it possible for people to connect and fully experience the vibrant flavors of life in an easy to prepare, healthy and fun meal.”

– Founder and CEO, Leeto Tlou